Lego® Jurassic World™ poly set review, #30320 Gallimimus Trap.

It’s your basic poly, a few parts and a “fig”. What makes it so sought after is the little dinosaur “fig” inside that fetches $715 bucks on the grey market. They were part of a Gamestop pre-order promo, and later a freebie at TRU when the mini gate build supply ran out, they were handed out as a “consolation” leaving little chance on acquiring one…

Till I asked around about a rumor that after the promo is over they’re not allowed to sell the extras, but if you ask real nice you can usually find a store with a few on hand. The fruits of my smartphone’s googlin’ netted me 2 of these polys!

Basic stuff inside a few parts, instructions & a small bits bag.

DSC02923   DSC02926

Double sided building guide.

DSC02924   DSC02925

One fancy pad printed tile:

DSC02927 The only high sought part besides the Dino may be the tile it has a slight shimmer to it like a reflective effect but doesn’t reflect. This dino is the 3rd version, and first of this mold/paint combo #1 & #2 came out in the 2012 Dino sets.


As I hope to be a usual thing I did a little time-lapse of the build, I’m hoping to get quicker at this whole blog process at some point, maybe after the NTS is over, and BrickCon, and……

It’s a Trap!

How's that final meal?

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