Lego® Jurassic World™ poly set review, #30320 Gallimimus Trap.

It’s your basic poly, a few parts and a “fig”. What makes it so sought after is the little dinosaur “fig” inside that fetches $715 bucks on the grey market. They were part of a Gamestop pre-order promo, and later a freebie at TRU when the mini gate build supply ran out, they were handed out as a “consolation” leaving little chance on acquiring one… Continue reading

Lego® Architecture set review, #21023 Flatiron Building.

Ah the Flatiron Building, one of my favorite architectural landmarks. Designed by Chicago architect Daniel Burnham, is located at 175 Fifth Ave. in Manhattan, on a triangular island block facing Madison Square Park. Completed in 1902, originally called the Fuller Building, after Chicago-based George A. Fuller Company, which developed and constructed the building. Fuller was an initial occupant of the building till 1929.  Continue reading